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We exist to inspire and connect people from every walk of life with compassionate, cutting-edge, whole-person mental health services, enabling healthy, life-long transformation.

Pilot Wellness Center – opening in Feb 2021

Treating mental illness is more than prescribing medication. Along with talk therapy and group support, a supportive community and access to lifestyle treatments are an essential part of healing. We are now remodeling a space to offer more healing services to those struggling with mental health challenges – which includes all of us at some point. Services will include hydrotherapy, massage, chiropractic care and our very own space for mental health community workshops and classes. This wellness center will allow more people to receive healing treatments and support while we continue progress on the larger mental health campus. We are so excited to be able to expand healing services.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who gave to make this possible!

Give today and help someone who is struggling with a serious mental health challenge.

With your help more lives will be transformed.

Together, let’s create a peaceful and safe place for healing during this time of uncertainty and upheaval.


“I am SO grateful for this program. It really changed my life and the course where I was heading.”


“This is a very, very needed place for the community with mental illness.”

“Beautiful Minds is an amazing place that has saved my life. I am so grateful!”

“Beautiful Minds listens.  They want to help each individual & meet them where they are at.  They offer hope through a multitude of sources.”

“Beautiful Minds brought me through darkness in wanting to see what life can truly be like with my participation.”

“Beautiful Minds is all encompassing, non judgmental and the best gift if you let them be.”

“Beautiful Minds covers diet, lifestyle, daily choice, and coping skills. It’s the most amazing and complete program I’ve ever seen!”

Mental Health & Wellness Campus PROJECT

An Oasis of Hope

Beautiful Minds Wellness is developing a mental health & wellness campus to be an oasis where individuals and families can obtain real transformational tools and learn healing principles so they can not only survive, but thrive regardless of their mental health condition.

The Time is Now

People are looking for a safe and caring place for healing where doctors don’t just prescribe another pill and where they are treated with respect and love. Everyday people are turned away from receiving timely critical psychiatric care and often insurance does not cover whole-person lifestyle based psychiatric, medical, or follow up care. Beautiful Minds Wellness is stepping up to meet the demand with a new mental health campus that provides the space needed to deliver expanded services and rollout new innovative programs.

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